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Remote Work in 2020
In the light of the recent pandemic, how have the jobs changed? Remote work has become the new normal. It’s normal to feel left out with such a disruptive change in the work culture, but we’ve got you covered with ground-up fundamentals of remote work, and mould yourself into someone fit for the change.
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How to Write: Your
Statement of Purpose
First installment of - How To Write series. Covers the fundamentals of Statement of Purpose, from A to Z, written through the words of over 50 mentors internationally, in different domains, on how to write an SoP that makes your application shine out from the rest.
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All In One Actionable
Guide to Internships
Internships are your go-to opportunities to gaining first-hand real world work experience, but if you know nothing, how do you get started? Our guide to internships has the foundation you need.
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7 Tips To Succeed
in a Hackathon
For all the technophiles out there, what makes sure you develop an innovative idea into an amazing product in 24 hours? We’ve culminated the experiences and converted them into 7 tips that’ll land you the prize in the next hackathon you attend.
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