How to set up your account on Precisely?
For Teachers
On the First-Screen Sign in as Mentor. 📲
Log in through your number to sign in with unique OTP Password. 📨
Fill Basic details like; Official Brand Name and Email. 🎫
Your Precisely LEARNAGE app is ready to teach your students. 👨‍🏫
Click on the Plus Symbol '+' to start making lecture videos, taking live sessions or uploading your already made resources. ➕
To go live you need to click on the red button once you face the camera.🛑
Your students can join your live session in the 'Live' Section of Precisely Learngage in the app. 📦
To create 'Test' or 'Upload Class Notes for Students' you have to go to 'My Resources' Section 2nd option from the left side. 📝
You can analyse the responses on the 'Test' in the Track Progress Section section of the same page. 📈
For Students
On the First-Screen, Sign In as Student. 📲
- Log in through Google/Facebook (Google is preferred for smooth process)📨
Fill out the basic details
Name & Email 🤝
Country 🏞
Discipline (Use the search bar to search for your relevant disciplines for ex-advertising, finance etc) 📚
Choose Filters of categories for opportunities and resources to organise Precisely app. 📮
You will be able to see opportunities on the home page itself. 😄
- To join the live session of your teacher, click on the 2nd option from the left side (**Precisely LEARNAGE SECTION**) 📦
Go to the Live Section to join the Live Session of your teacher. 🎫
- Join the Live Session by Clicking on the Brand Name Banner of your Teacher. 📊
Start Learning. Ask your doubts in comments. Interact More and Make the most out of your time. 🤷‍♂️
To find class notes uploaded by your teacher you can go to the Videos section.🏛
Click on the Video of which you want to find the notes for, From the Notes section, you can find the class notes uploaded by the teacher. 📝
To attempt the test/quiz created by the teacher you can go to the Video section and attempt the test and submit it. 🔖 🤓
- To check the score, you can check the analysis option on the same page. 📈
The same process shall be used for all the Uploaded/Posted resources in the Precisely LEARNAGE Section. ✅