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eVidya provides end-to-end support to schools for integrating e-learning into their curriculum.

Setup Computer Labs

Inexpensive RPi computers
Free setup on school premises
We offer need-based plans for institutions!

Interactive Curriculum

eVidya's dedicated team of experts have designed e-learning courses to address all your students' needs!

Offline / Online

All our courses can be used w/o any Internet connection!
Sync seamlessly if Internet is available!

Guidance & Training

Get free, periodic hands-on training sessions for all teachers to get familiar with eVidya and its curriculum.

eVidya in action

eVidya has run several pilot studies in North India. Here is a glimpse of eVidya in action!

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The sweat and blood of over 35 individuals is spent every day to deliver the best quality of education and service to all our partners and clients.
eVidya is the brainchild of the following four entrepreneurs:

Animesh Kuzur

DevOps / Backend mastermind

Desh Deepak Dwivedi

Business Development expert

Pankaj Baranwal

Innovator / Researcher

Utkarsh Mittal

ML / AI Guru


  • How do I get involved?

    Please send us an email at evidya@maslowinitiative.org.
    If you want to integrate eVidya in your school, please add in the subject "Get Involved". Thank you!

  • If you are a community-run school or your school teaches underprivileged kids for free, you can avail eVidya services at no extra cost!
    For every three private schools that we serve, we provide all eVidya services including setting up of a computer lab for free in one school on a need-basis.

  • The pricing of our services depends on the number of students being serviced. This price will include a one-time installment cost and a recurring monthly / annual service cost.
    Please contact us at evidya@maslowinitiative.org to know more.
    We assure you, our prices are quite reasonable and our services, exceptional!


eVidya is available 24x7 to answer all your questions! Feel free to contact us below.


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