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Precisely helps you search and discover the latest academic and professional opportunities personalised for you. Precisely combines collaborative human opinions with machine learning of preferences in an intuitive framework to separate the music from the noise and match you to the right opportunities!

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Rohit Srivastav

Head, Digital Marketing, CleverTap

"I didn't even know that so many scholarships and conferences existed. This is commendable job by the team. The UI is fluid and the information digestible in the least time possible. Claps!"

Ratan Singh Gautam

Rural Engineering Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

"I am very satisfied and also i will recommend you to use this app. It shows so much opportunities at a single place in a wide range. As simple as that, U and your children individually both can find the right opportunity by using this single app and move forward in life."

Pradip Parsure

Project Director, Social Responsibility Asia

"Highly useful app. It provides all the details about so many opportunities and will keep you updated."

Our Team

Desh Deepak Dwivedi

Business Developement | Human Resource

Dhanuj Saini

Content | Partnerships

Hitesh Gautam

Design | Full Stack Development

Kirti Krishan

Digital Marketing | Human Resource

Manas Tripathi

Content | Partnerships

Pankaj Baranwal

Machine Learning

Piyush Yadav

Content Writing | Front End Development

Prashant Keshari


Sagar Tiwari

Android Development

Saurabh Patel

Community Operations | Content | Research

Yatharth Rai

Data Analytics

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